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Set Up and Promote.


Start with clicking the banner and joining Click Voyager.


Click the links to view my Splash Pages I have designed.

Bitcoin Kick Starter.                                   

GDI Proven and Paying.                            

Paid for shopping and selling. Rewardicals

SFI team building with Bitcoin                  

Maree Designs Team Leader club.            

Online Guru Down Line Club                    

A-Z Bitcoin Generator                                

This is where I have been designing my splash pages for years.

View my screen shot when you click at the left Your Splash Page

A page will open like this.

Above Click where it reads CREATE NEW.

Start Designing Articles FREE AT ApSense and Linketin. maree-wells-35288239 maree

Here Is An Example Of  an Article I have Designed. (log into my Linkedin Profile and click articles to view more.)

Check out my RevPages Designed at ApSense.

Rewardicals for Shopping and Sellin 

New Launches build down lines. 

How I generate a full time income working from home since 2010.


Start Branding and Earning.

Sponsoring Aids & Methods!

Many of our affiliates looking to create a successful online business are not necessarily marketing experts.

Here at SFI we want to make it as easy as possible for you to build your business. 

That's why we've created the SFI Marketing Center, containing a multitude of marketing aids and marketing methods.
The Marketing Center contains a multitude of online and printable market-ready advertisements you can use to sponsor affiliates.  Here's how to access SFI Sponsoring Aids:
1. From the main navigation bar at the Affiliate Center, Click Above the tab MARKETING.
3. You'll see menus on the left side of the page to help you narrow your results and find precisely the marketing aids you're looking for.  Select SFI under the Program heading. Then, use the remaining drop down menus to refine your results even more by:  Type (i.e., text ad, banner ad, flyer, E-card, etc.)  Shape  Color  Size  Language ThemeCurrency

Gery's Quote on the Forum.  No one can know when someone signs up if they're going to become active or not. That's how advertising works in all businesses. You advertise, you get leads, and you do your best to convert them into something more.
SFI Quote of the Day! "The starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desires bring weak results, just a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat." -Napoleon Hill

Do a google search to find advertising portholes to blast your SFI promotions.

Online Guru's charge hundreds even thousands of dollars, offering to support members get to the top of Google Searches.

Google search Maree Wells New Zealand I achieve this FREE just by advertising, and writing blog articles Via Apsense, Facebook, and LinkeDin. View my posts and feel free to duplicate.

Social Media Advertising is a great Free Porthole. I recommend to advertise daily.

YOU may also for $10.00 weekly advertise at the side bar of the ApSense Home page.

Here Are Some Examples. Log into Apsense. At the left click Advertise on ApSense. Then select where to promote.

SFI September Giveaways.
Working from home since 2013.. SFI September Giveaways. Team leader shares signups.
$10 Active
2541 hits

GDI Proven and paying me since 2009
Hundreds of Traffic Exchanges are closing their doors. Best On Line Investment generating an income.
$10 Completed
2358859 hits

SFI Guru shares down line club
Sign up from one of our random team members links. A one off payment generates income for life.
$10 Completed
1996077 hits

Free. Rewarded cash and credits
SFI Leader Launches Own Traffic Exchange. Unique Admin Watch. Members rewarded for participation.
$10 Completed
1776903 hits

Free. Random down line and cash
24.7 support. Facebook mareesfi Start generating a real income working from home.
$10 Completed
2377347 hits

Free. Real Internet Earnings.
Join me. Working from home. I reward Random Down line and cash to my team for participation
$10 Completed
969522 hits

Real Internet Income. Free
I reward random down line and cash for participation. Proven and Paying me since 2011. 24/7 Support.
$10 Completed
1250386 hits



Have open my splash page links above to duplicate the tex writing I copy and paste into the empty box.

At the left is what the Click Voyager Temp Plate will look like.

Start clicking the V drop down box and selecting the size for the text and suggested colors you see I use in my examples.

TO Upload PHOTO! Click the Browse Button. A page will open to select from your Computer Photo File.  Click the photo you wish to use then click the open button below.  Click CREATE SPLASH TO VIEW. 

Then open your Splash page and Click the VIEW Button to save the url for promoting.

ECA Store Maree Designs. Online since 2013.

Newbies struggling to advertise SFI. Check out my ECA Store.

Click the SFI Tool Box to generate your link to promote supporting my store.

This is one of  latest Customers review: Joanne S.

A-Z business Plan in a box training series.

"This is carefully researched and extremely valuable information. 

Lessons arrive one a day so it is easy to learn. 

Essential information about Bitcoin is included and a "must have" for anyone interested in Bitcoin.  Maree is a great teacher!"

Newbies! The internet can be a very dangerous place, lots of scams and false hype.
To Generate any sort of income working from home.
You need a Proven System Set In Place.  

SFI is the One. Original Work From Home Program.

Be sure to check out my range of Designer Clothing if you live in New Zealand.

KIWI's. Receive Random Mystery Parcels in the post!

Set aside one day to study the Back Office.  Before logging out click Games and Contests.

SFI September Giveaways.
Working from home since 2013.. SFI September Giveaways. Team leader shares signups.

I love the SFI  quote. " Think little goals and expect little achievements.  Think Big Goals and Win Big Success:

Getting clear...on Auto-Deliveries

If you set up your Builder Bundle as an Auto-Delivery,
You'll also qualify for our cool new "Building Something Great!" badge.

Opti-Build!  Be sure to register

Opti-Build can be thought of as a live auto re-assigner of your sign-ups  It supports every member of your team, too!  
"5×5" organization?
5 affiliates on your first generation, 25 on your second generation, 125 on your third, 625 on your fourth, and so on.

If you are not one of your Sponsors top Five DD Leaders.. ACHIEVE Silver to be a DD Leader. The Key codes for the Builders Bundle will most likely be either 1104 or 1105 since those are used by SFI Corporate. They also use 1101 for the S-Builder shares so there is a chance you could see those too. The “Opti-Build” affiliates come from your up line so you will see whatever key codes they are using for advertising.

It is interesting to record your progress as you start your journey with SFI.
I saw the big picture.  These were  my results for 2014 Team Building.

Each month receiving new members to my CSA Down line. Year In Year Out.

NOW with the new introduction of the Comp plan improvements SFI is introducing in June 2018.  I will benefit even more with my investments.

                June 2014                   
1 (PSAs)           178                                     
2                         75                                       
3                         38                            
CSAs                139                                    
TOTALS            458                        

These are the results three years Later.  April the 3rd 2017.. 

As with any business it takes time to build.
I have locked into the Big O at 100%.  I have only Kept 5 PSA Members.

Reassigning every one else to These 5 DD Leaders.

So all my team will benefit with my promoting.

I look forward to comparing the chart in a years time.

Gen     Gen Count  Gen Count after Leon's Reassigning with Big O

                 April 2017        Big O 2017
1 (PSAs)    5                             5  
2             1860                      1836
3             1089                      3703     
4               529                      4374  
5                 26                      2641    
6                  7                       4325   
7                  1                         972
8                                             250
9                                             466
10                                             42
11                                               2
CSAs           660                     675      
TOTALS    4178                  19292 

When you log into SFI!
At the bottom right you will see your Chat Bar. Open it to see

HOW I work the Big O I lock in 50%. 50% random PSA Spill over is shared with all my team that have locked in also from all my advertising I do.

I then reassign the other 50% of PSA I receive to  my other SFI members throughout the month. The flow will trickle down all our SFI members in our team...2 levels deep...   I train all our team 12 levels deep  via my SFI Genealogy Posts.

The power of the Yellow Blurb. At the top of your page. When  it flashes when you have a post.  Be sure to click and open the chat bar to communicate.

Just imagine if every member Locks in their Auto Renewal Monthly subscriptions at SFI.
Every member would "instantly" have 10+ SFI Team Leaders, a huge down line.
Plus We would  "ALL" be making some serious monthly income from numerous income resource