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Welcome to DWSEarner our social media platform and surfing hub for Bit Coin.

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DWSEarner! Bit Coin Training While Surfing N Earning Hub!

Start With Clicking the banner and setting up your wallet.

Be Aware there are a lot of scam Wallet Providers online.

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Now you can get passive income
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Learn about Bitcoin with reading this page.

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Build! Market! and Sell Online With Our E Commerce Bit Coin Crowd Funding Experts. 

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Earning 40% from your referrals and 30% from their referrals.

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Each Package comes with a FREE E-Book Bitcoin Pro & Cons!

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Part of Our Parent Company Dollar Wise (Established 2009)

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If with our Bit Coin Club and you sign up... FREE GDI Club Membership. 

I randomly reassign active members to Our GDI And SFI Team Leaders.. Proven and Paying me since 2009.  Great Step by Step Training Video' in the GDI Back Office.


Start each day logging into DWSEarner, check the surf chat bar for updates. Remember to redeem Surfer Rewards before logging out.. Redeem raffle tickets and Tokens to Spin N Win with the Progressive Jackpot.  Fun Games to play.  Fab Prize Giveaways.. Weekend Surfing Frenzy..

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As long as Your DWSEarner Club IS Active your DWSEarner Cash Tokens are transferred into real cash and paid to your Bit Coin Wallets once $10 is accumulated. (Admin Covers Bit Coin Fees)

All it takes is for one new member to sign up bringing their entire team with them.

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One Winner daily of 1 Banner Add with 5000 Views.

Check every few days at ABC4Income that your adds are active. 

Spend time reviewing the training Video's and Articles. This is Admins SFI Training Porthole.

Every Hour On the hour Redeem FREE Bitcoin at the Free bitcoin SITE.



There are so many bitcoin game sites popping up.

WHO do you trust. I prefer to stick with SFI.. Investing Bit Coin into T Credits. Then playing the games, encouraging all my team to do the same. Rewardicals you earn you can withdraw to your bitcoin wallet. Need I Say More. Better investments! As SFI will still be online today, tomorrow and forever in the future. If you only have $30 per month to invest! DO it at SFI. I share spill over with all my Team Leaders.
Imagine our team growth if all our members duplicate the same system.