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CSA Exchange!

Around the 15th of each month you will see an alert on your SFI home page.

You currently have 212 CSAs eligible for adding to the CSA Exchange. Click here (Click to be taken to the CSA Exchange) to learn how to exchange your CSAs to increase activity in your group and grow your commissions.

Want more CSAs in your organization? Matching of co-sponsors and CSAs by country have shown to increase activity in CSAs due to better communications and compatibility in regards to language, culture, etc.

The CSA exchange allows you to swap CSAs in your organization from other countries to receive an equal number of CSAs from YOUR country.    How it works!

To switch views between your Eligible CSAs and your Exchange Pool:
Use the 'view' tools in the bottom right below.

To move CSAs into your Exchange Pool:
In the "Eligible CSAs" view, check the box next to any CSAs you would like to exchange, then click the 'Add' button below. These CSAs will be moved into the Exchange Pool and exchanged as soon as a match is located.

To remove CSAs from the Exchange Pool:
In the "Exchange Pool" view, check the box next to any CSAs you want to remove from the Exchange Pool and click the 'remove' button. These CSAs will be removed from the pool and moved back to your list of eligible CSAs.

IMPORTANT! How to Exchange CSA in the  Exchange Pool.

A list of names will appear. Before exchanging check how active the individual is with checking their VP.

KEEP members that show high activity, as you earn commissions from all your CSA members purchases.

Scroll down and tick the box beside members in different countries that speak different languages.

Keep an eye out for emails from SFI informing you of receiving new members to your CSA Network.

Good news!  Courtesy of the CSA Exchange, the following CSA is now part of your team:

For more information on Diana, see:

CLICK THIS LINK.....   To send a post welcoming him or her to your team with a personal and enthusiastic message.  Let them know you are assigned as his or her new Co-Sponsor, that you are from New Zealand, and that you're there to assist and support him/her.

What should I say in my e-mail to my assigned CSAs?
Here is a suggested text you can use when contacting your assigned CSAs. Use what you'd like and personalize as you wish:
Hi First Name,
My name is ~INSERT YOUR NAME HERE~ and I've recently been appointed by SFI as your Co-Sponsor.

As your Co-Sponsor, I'm here to assist you and support you in building your SFI business.
By the way, if you haven't looked at SFI lately, log in at the SFI Affiliate Center (www.sfimg.com).

When you get there, you'll see the new SFI Home page, which now features a to-do list personalized just for you.

This makes everything so simple because all you have to do is start completing the tasks on your to-do list.

Each task earns you points and positions you for bigger and better perks and payouts!
Be sure to log in at the SFI Affiliate Center as soon as you can.

If I can answer any questions or assist you in any way, just let me know.
I look forward to working with you!

~INSERT YOUR SFI TITLE (e.g. SFI Silver Team Leader)~
~INSERT YOUR CONTACT INFO (e.g. email, phone, IM)~

 Do not Delay SIGN UP With SFI Today.


I share all members with our down line that achieve EA.

Dream It Achieve it! The Power of Long Term Goals.

I launched DWSEarner in 2015 to support all my SFI team and friends on how to generate a real income online.

Already with SFI simply read and broaden your knowledge. Log into DWSEarner and check our updates daily at the surf chat bar.

Teaming the Big O with the builder bundle and the booster Club. 

This is how I have been working part time generating a full time income. Year in year out. I do not stray or get lured away.


I did not hesitate to wipe the slate clean in and cancel a lot of my upgrades ready to lock into the builder bundle with SFI when it launched.

THE only sites I recommend to use for advertising you will see listed in my down line builder programs within my dollar wise network.

If you do not see a site listed assume I have tested it and found it to be a complete waste of time and money.

I love the SFI  quote. " Think little goals and expect little achievements.  Think Big Goals and Win Big Success:


Getting clear...on Auto-Deliveries

If you set up your Builder Bundle as an Auto-Delivery,
You'll also qualify for our cool new "Building Something Great!" badge.


Opti-Build!  Be sure to register

Opti-Build can be thought of as a live auto re-assigner of your sign-ups  It supports every member of your team, too!  
"5×5" organization?
5 affiliates on your first generation, 25 on your second generation, 125 on your third, 625 on your fourth, and so on.

If you are not one of your Sponsors top Five DD Leaders.. ACHIEVE Silver to be a DD Leader. The Key codes for the Builders Bundle will most likely be either 1104 or 1105 since those are used by SFI Corporate. They also use 1101 for the S-Builder shares so there is a chance you could see those too. The “Opti-Build” affiliates come from your up line so you will see whatever key codes they are using for advertising.

It is interesting to record your progress as you start your journey with SFI.
I saw the big picture.  These were  my results for 2014 Team Building.

Each month receiving new members to my CSA Down line. Year In Year Out.

NOW with the new introduction of the Comp plan improvements SFI is introducing in June 2018.  I will benefit even more with my investments.


                June 2014                   
1 (PSAs)           178                                     
2                         75                                       
3                         38                            
CSAs                139                                    
TOTALS            458                        

These are the results three years Later.  April the 3rd 2017.. 

As with any business it takes time to build.
I have locked into the Big O at 100%.  I have only Kept 5 PSA Members.

Reassigning every one else to These 5 DD Leaders.

So all my team will benefit with my promoting.

I look forward to comparing the chart in a years time.

Gen     Gen Count  Gen Count after Leon's Reassigning with Big O

                 April 2017        Big O 2017
1 (PSAs)    5                             5  
2             1860                      1836
3             1089                      3703     
4               529                      4374  
5                 26                      2641    
6                  7                       4325   
7                  1                         972
8                                             250
9                                             466
10                                             42
11                                               2
CSAs           660                     675      
TOTALS    4178                  19292 

When you log into SFI!
At the bottom right you will see your Chat Bar. Open it to see

HOW I work the Big O I lock in 50%. 50% random PSA Spill over is shared with all my team that have locked in also from all my advertising I do.

I then reassign the other 50% of PSA I receive to  my other SFI members throughout the month. The flow will trickle down all our SFI members in our team...2 levels deep...   I train all our team 12 levels deep  via my SFI Genealogy Posts.

The power of the Yellow Blurb. At the top of your page. When  it flashes when you have a post.  Be sure to click and open the chat bar to communicate.


Just imagine if every member Locks in their Auto Renewal Monthly subscriptions at SFI.
Every member would "instantly" have 10+ SFI Team Leaders, a huge down line.
Plus We would  "ALL" be making some serious monthly income from numerous income resources!  







Following is an example of how the new Team Overrides use dynamic compression to allow you to earn deep, deep, deep into your group!

In this line of sponsorship, the black dots represent the 12 EAs & Team Leaders qualified for Team Overrides.

The white dots represent generations in the line NOT qualified for Team Overrides.  Hence, they are skipped (“compressed”).

The red dot at the bottom of the line represents a sale with $40 CV.

4% of the CV ($1.60) is paid to each  of the 12 qualified upline EAs and Team Leaders in the line.

You’ll note that the Team Leader at the top of this example earned a Team Override 19 generations deep!

The sponsor (represented by the black circle immediately above the red dot)

would have also received a 20% Direct Commission on the sale in addition to a Team Override ($9.60 total).

Listen to my Video explaining

HOW to start in your first month.

Ready set go. 


HOW much you can Earn!


See the benefit chart for complete breakdown.


New Diamond plan updates  https://www.sfimg.com/the_plan

Log into                                   http://www.sfimg.com/smart 

Click Start here and work your way through the VP ledger.

CLICK Team Sponsor and view my Leadership board.

View my new ECA Package I have designed for all my SFI Team And Friends.

How to be a successful online marketer. 


Click the tab SFI Tool Box to find your promotional link to blast and earn commissions with every sale. 

Lock in your Auto Renewal.

View the benefits you will receive.

If in my SFI down line I also reassign new members that join our team.

Description Regular Order Auto-Delivery
Versa Points (VP) 156 156
Commission Volume (CV) $2.07 $2.44
Direct Commission (DC) $0.41 $0.49
Co-Sponsor Comm (CSC) $0.17 ($0.66 total) $0.20 ($0.78 total)
Team Override (TO) $0.08 ($1.00 total) $0.10 ($1.17 total)

Struggling with Bitcoin I have designed this new package.

A-Z Guide for Bitcoin set up + 1000 traffic views to your Rewardical ECA Gateway:


Description Regular Order Auto-Delivery
Versa Points (VP) 156 156
Commission Volume (CV) $2.07 $2.44
Direct Commission (DC) $0.41 $0.49
Co-Sponsor Comm (CSC) $0.17 ($0.66 total) $0.20 ($0.78 total)
Team Override (TO) $0.08 ($1.00 total) $0.10 ($1.17 total)